Fees & Expenses Information

Your investment in DSK Dynamics is associated with the following costs:

1. Transaction expenses – these are directly incurred when investors purchase or redeem units of the fund

  • The Management Company (DSK Asset Management) does not charge fees for the purchase and redemption of units of the Fund.
  • Upon purchase and redemption of units, the Distributor (DSK Bank) charges fees according to its Tariff, as follows: 1.50% upon purchase; 0.75% for periodic multiple purchases under the DSK Investment Plan; 0.00% on redemption.
  • Other expenses that might be applicable in case of depositary receipt issuance or mailing of deal confirmation are accounted for and paid separately according to the DSK Bank’s Tariff

    2. Current fees – these are regular and recurring fund-wide current expenses, which are paid out of the fund assets and are, therefore, indirectly incurred by the investors. 
    Success Fee - 20% per year of the realized yield of the Fund, exceeding the yield of the Reference Index - 12M EURIBOR plus 1 (one) percent. The fee is due to the Management Company also in case of a negative yield of the Fund, if this negative yield is higher than the return of the Reference Index. Detailed information on the success fee is available in the Prospectus.

    The annual fund operating expenses for 2023 are:

     Total current fees*
    3.1 % of the Fund's average annual NAV
    Management fee
    2.6 % of the Fund's average annual NAV
    Others0.5 % of the Fund's average annual NAV   


    *The presented data are based on the expenses data from the last financial year, ended on 31 December 2023. They may vary for different years.

    Investors should have in mind that the value of the funds’ units and the income from them may decrease, the profit is not guaranteed and they take up the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Before making a final investment decision, it is advisable for investors to familiarize themselves with the Prospectus and the Key Information Document of the respective fund. The documents are in Bulgarian and they are available on the website of DSK Asset Management AD (www.dskam.bg), and upon request can be obtained free of charge on paper at the office of the Management Company or at the offices of the DSK Bank AD, designated as a distribution point, every working day within their working hours.