General conditions for distribution of units of DSK Mutual Funds


Though the branches/offices of DSK Bank EAD

The purchasing orders and redemption orders of the Mutual Funds may be given via the branches of “DSK Bank”, appointed in the list of the Points of sale each working day in the working time of the representative branch, but not later than 16.00h.

The placement of a purchase order and redemption orders and the cancellation of an issued order may be arranged personally or via attorney.

Through the Internet banking system of DSK Bank EAD

Redemption and purchase of units of “DSK Mutual Funds” is possible through DSK Direct – the Internet banking system of DSK Bank.
Transactions with units of the mutual funds through DSK Direct give you the opportunity to:
- save time when placing orders;
- use a secured communication channel;
- check the status of your orders;
- monitor your investments in the funds.

Through DSK Direct you can place orders for purchase/redemption of units 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Individuals, who use DSK Direct for placement of orders through the Internet banking of DSK Bank, need to:
- have placed at least one order (“first order”) on paper in the office of the Bank. The “first order” condition is applied separately for the funds, managed by “DSK Asset Management” AD and for the funds, managed by “OTP Fund Management” –Hungary.
- use one of the two permissible instruments, registered for work in the Internet channel – Universal electronic signature or Electronic certificate, issued by DSK Bank, together with a one-time SMS code for confirmation of the money transfer, to sign the orders.

Orders can be placed through DSK Direct out of the working time and in that case, they will be processed at the beginning of the next working day for the particular fund.

The “Mutual Funds” section is visualized in DSK Direct in the left column of the “Your accounts” only for users, who have placed “first order” for DSK Mutual Funds or OTP Mutual Funds. On the Internet channel, you can watch the online status of the orders, placed through DSK Direct and if you want – print the orders you have placed, the declarations as well as the confirmations for the deal.

Detailed information about the Mutual Funds, managed by “DSK Asset Management” AD, you can receive in the office of the company, on address: Sofia, “Alabin” str, № 36, fl. 3, on the web page, from the branches of DSK Bank, which distribute units of the funds and from the information center of DSK Bank, on tel. 0700 10 375.


Investors should have in mind that the value of the funds’ units and the income from them may decrease, the profit is not guaranteed and they take up the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Before making a final investment decision, it is advisable for investors to familiarize themselves with the Prospectus and the Key Information Document of the respective fund. The documents are in Bulgarian and they are available on the website of DSK Asset Management AD (, and upon request can be obtained free of charge on paper at the office of the Management Company or at the offices of the DSK Bank AD, designated as a distribution point, every working day within their working hours.