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Transitional period of the activity of mutual funds DSK Stability - German equities and DSK Stability - European equities

In connection with the activity of Mutual Funds DSK Stability - German equities and DSK Stability - European equities, we would like to inform the investors in both funds that as of November 1, 2021 a "transitional period" within the current "limited period" of the investment cycle of each fund starts, according to its prospectus. In order to implement the investment strategy and achieve the investment goals, their activity is divided into separate cycles, each of which includes periods called conditionally "open" and "limited". The units are sold and redeemed without interruption during each period, but different fees apply in purchase and redemption.

From November 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021 incl. ("transitional period"), the applicable fees for both funds for purchase and redemption of units will be 1.00% of NAVU for purchase of units and 2.00% of NAVU for redemption of units, according to the current DSK Bank tariff and the funds’ Rules.

The prospectus and the Key investor information document of MF DSK Stability - German equities and MF DSK Stability - European equities, as well as other information, are available every working day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm in the office of the Company at the address: Sofia, 36 Alabin Str., 3rd floor, in the offices of DSK Bank AD, which distribute the units of the funds, within their working hours, and on the website - 

The information is available in Bulgarian.

Investors should have in mind that the value of the funds’ units and the income from them may decrease, the profit is not guaranteed and they take up the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Before making a final investment decision, it is advisable for investors to familiarize themselves with the Prospectus and the Key Information Document of the respective fund. The documents are in Bulgarian and they are available on the website of DSK Asset Management AD (, and upon request can be obtained free of charge on paper at the office of the Management Company or at the offices of the DSK Bank AD, designated as a distribution point, every working day within their working hours.