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Notice of Initial Public Offering of Units of Mutual Funds DSK Stability - American equities, DSK Money Market Fund, DSK Euro Money Market Fund

Management Company DSK Asset Management AD, Sofia ("Management Company") notifies investors that the public offering of units of DSK Stability - American equities, DSK Money Market Fund and DSK Euro Money Market Fund  ("Funds") is starting on March 4th 2013

Main investment goals of DSK Stability - American equities are (presented in the following priority):
-  protection of the value of the investments of Fund’s unitholders;
- as is consistent with the above goal - to increase the value of the unitholder’s investments by achieving the maximum possible income from the Fund while taking low to moderate risk;
- ensure maximum liquidity of the unitholder’s investments during the "open period".

In order to implement the investment strategy and achieve the investment goals of the Fund, its activities will be divided into distinct cycles, each of which will include two periods, conventionally called "open" and "limited". The units will be sold and redeemed continuously in both periods, but different charges will apply on investors for the issue and redemption.
The minimum value of each purchase of units is BGN 500.

DSK Money Market Fund and DSK Euro Money Market Fund are collective open-end schemes of investment mainly in money market instruments and debt securities, traded on Bulgarian money and capital markets, as well as in deposits with credit institutions. Each of the Funds is a money market fund within the meaning of the Committee of European Securities Regulators’ Guidelines on a common definition of European money market funds dated 19 May 2010 (CESR’s Guidelines 10-049), and complies with all requirements set in them, including on the credit quality of the instruments in which it invests and on the portfolio maturity (WAL and WAM) with the purpose of more effective management of risk, related to its activities.
The investment strategy of DSK Money Market Fund and DSK Euro Money Market Fund envisages investment of their assets applying a conservative investment strategy with the aim to ensure a predictable growth of the value of the Funds’ units with limited fluctuations.
The minimal value of the units which the investor could purchase in a single transaction is BGN 500 for DSK Money Market Fund, respectively EUR 250 for DSK Euro Money Market Fund.

Investors can buy units in the major offices of the distributor of the Funds’ units - DSK Bank, which provides "counters" to the Management Company (Appendix № 1 to the Prospectus of the Fund) and institutional investors - from the office of the Management Company as well, each business day, but not later than 5.00 p.m., except in cases of temporary suspension of issuance.

Investors - individuals who use the service DSK Direct of DSK Bank may submit electronic orders for purchase of Funds’ units, after submitting at least one (first) order-contract on paper "at the counter" .

The public offering of Funds’ units shall be under the prospectuses for public offering of units, approved by the FSC with Resolutions №№ 98-ДФ/08.02.2013, 99-ДФ/ 08.02.2013, 100-ДФ/ 08.02.2013. The Prospectuses contain detailed information regarding the sale of units and their redemption and related payments, as well as information on investment goals and strategy of the Funds, the main risks associated with investment in their units and other relevant information for the investors. The prospectuses are available to the investors at the offices of DSK Bank – points of sales for the Funds during their working hours and on the website of DSK Asset Management AD The information is available in Bulgarian language.

Additional information can be obtained at the address of the DSK Asset Management, Sofia, 1 Tzar Kaloyan str., 4th floor, tel: (2) 930 10 00, contact person Galina Dimitrova from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. "

Investors should have in mind that the value of the funds’ units and the income from them may decrease, the profit is not guaranteed and they take up the risk of not recovering their investment in full. Before making a final investment decision, it is advisable for investors to familiarize themselves with the Prospectus and the Key Information Document of the respective fund. The documents are in Bulgarian and they are available on the website of DSK Asset Management AD (, and upon request can be obtained free of charge on paper at the office of the Management Company or at the offices of the DSK Bank AD, designated as a distribution point, every working day within their working hours.